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44WXRLD is a producer from Hoffman Estates, a small village in Illinois. Currently based in Las Vegas, he is on track to become one of the top producers in the game. Starting from scratch by making beats on his phone and recording himself on GarageBand, 44WXRLD has since built a name for himself, working with notable Atlanta artists such as 21 Lil Harold on his project After The Curse and K CAMP on his project Vibe Forever. Following this success, he signed a deal with Miami Music Management. 44WXRLD continues to evolve as a successful producer developing a consistent catalog and workload of artists generating charting records. Within the industry, he has created Swing the Sword, a label with producer Kid Hazel, where they are solidifying a strong team. Outside of his music career, he enjoys drawing, skateboarding, sungazing, and exploring vegan spots in LA.


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