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An emerging female producer from London, LollyPopBeatz started producing around 18 years old as a hobby after paying close attention to trap beats and watching tutorials. Quickly falling in love with producing and realizing her potential from her continuous progression, she decided to make it a full-time career. Her dark and intense trap style of beats was inspired by artists and producers such as Chief Keef, Metro Boomin, and Southside. LollyPopBeatz strives to create an energy within her beats that others can feel which helps her stay inspired and motivated. During her rise as a producer, she has been going viral on TikTok for showcasing and promoting her beats through the use of popular trends on the platform. Tapping into building her online presence and brand, LollyPopBeatz is consistently creating content such as studio vlogs and tutorials. After her recent successes, LollyPopBeatz signed a deal with Miami Music Management. As she continues to evolve, she hopes to be an example for female producers to prove they can be just as successful as male producers. 


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