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Be You.

When you see the saying “be you”, what does that mean to you? Take it personal for a moment and gather your thoughts. In today’s society we live the same life, doing the same things, but expecting different results. You have to admit to yourself that’s pretty insane. However, being you means to stay true to who you are at all times. It resonates in just about every field you can think of. It takes courage to not follow and lead. I am about to give you some free game that will help you understand why and if you’re reading this I'm pretty sure you want to know now.

In today’s music industry there are trends and often many artists or producers try to mimic that exact style or approach to that same trend. Some are even successful with taking the blueprint that was given and putting their own spin on things. But why not stand out? Just because another artist sounds works for them doesn’t mean it will work for you. You have to understand that trends come and go. What happened to wanting to do it your way on your terms? When your content is organic it’ll be received better.

How do you adapt to an industry that changes rather rapidly? Find out who you are as an artist and excel in that lane. It’s okay if your style of music isn’t as popular as the next one at that time. That’s also why we have different genres of music today. So that you never have to base your sound on one particular category. Enjoy your music even if no one around you isThere is only one of you in the entire world! So many insanely talented and hardworking artists are out here trying to make it just like you. Why get setback for not trusting your process? You have to be you at all times and to the core. Your success as an artist or producer depends on it heavily.

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