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Trippie Redd Launches ‘Trippie Headz,’ A New NFT For Trippie Fans

Rap star Trippie Redd announced the launch of “Trippie Headz,” and these collectible NFTs are creating a buzz within Trippie’s fan base and beyond.The hand-drawn, unique NFTs were released on November 3rd on the Ethereum-based NFT blockchain,located in the trippiest parts of the metaverse. There are a total of 9,999 unique 'Headz' available online.A Trippie Head is available to be minted for .099 ETH. Each customer is limited to minting three Trippie Headz per transaction.

Trippie had unique plans for both pre and post launch roll out of these new digital assets.. For the pre-launch, he notified the Trippie Redd community about the Trippie Headz, and the Discord was unveiled. Next, five unique Trippie Headz NFTs were airdropped randomly to engaged Discord community members. Then, custom hand-drawn items were given away to a select few Discord community members. Additionally, several NFTs from blue-chip collections were gifted to Discord members. And lastly, the announcement of the whitelist took place, engaging Discord community members and allowing all fans to be added. As for post-launch, Trippie Headz officially became available to the general public on November 3, at 9 pm EST. The Trippie Headz were tripping for 24 hours, but once they sobered up, they were immediately revealed and enabled to check their rarity ratings on popular NFT exchange, OpenSea. A care package will also be sent out with merchandise (t-shirt and hoodie) on November 18, as well as exclusive NFT concert tickets to a live Trippie Redd performance. Lastly, there will be a live event on Discord (upon sellout) to give away a Bored Ape, valued at over $140,000 that will be airdropped to one holder.

These unique collectible NFTs are a huge part of Trippie’s brand as an artist. He made each NFT to fit his image and the newly released Headz reflect his meticulous artistry . In music, we are seeing an increase in NFTs and artists using them to market themselves. This is a great example of how a popular artist used NFTs to further engage his fans and community.

For more information on how to be involved in the Trippie Headz experience, go to

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