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L.A. Trip for the Weekend

Updated: Apr 28, 2021

The weekend of April 9-11 was very productive as Miami Music Management founder, Mike Berg, traveled to LA to showcase the talent of Miami Music Management’s newest producer EJ Grimes. The theme of the trip that kept EJ in grind mode was a 3-day Songwriters camp, featuring: Hitman Audio, DZYontheBeat, JV, Havok, Twan, and others. Shout out to all the great artists, producers, and songwriters in attendance. Honey, an A&R, and manager based out of Miami, did a great job organizing a special event!

Hitman Audio & EJ Grimes

One of EJ’s talents is his ability to successfully collaborate with others. He was able to capitalize on studio time and cooked up a batch of new beats with Pooh Shiesty's in-house producer & engineer, TP 808’s. When asked about the highlight of his trip, EJ was proud to mention- finishing four records with rising star (artist), Baby Yungin. Creative and dedicated to his craft, EJ made some career catapulting plays: like meeting with Create Music Group, Director of A&R, Carl Legrett to begin discussion for a potential Publishing deal.

EJ & Carl Legrett at Create Music Group
EJ & Baby Yungin making hits

Additionally, EJ had the opportunity to play beats from his vault exclusively for executives at Warner Music Group. With a slew of new genuine connections made and an ever-growing vault of hits with rising talent, EJ seems destined for a massive year in 2021 and beyond with the help of Miami Music Management.


Producers have an incredible opportunity to collaborate with EJ Grimes! His stock continues to rise with the increasing number of placements he gets and you can lock in before prices go up by purchasing a package starting at $200. There are additional tiers to choose from that include various levels of social media promotion, special A

&R listening sessions, and exclusive rights. The all-inclusive Diamond (collab) package is $1200 USD. Currently, artists who want to secure a custom (exclusive) from EJ beats can expect a minimum budget of $1,000.

Among the MMM roster, custom beats range from $800 - $1,200 USD. *Redeem your special offer (discount) by mentioning the MMM Newsletter.

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