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Beatclub? Timbaland Revolutionizing Music (Again)?

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

Multi-grammy winning producer Timbaland is launching Beatclub. The platform’s appeal is that it will offer independent artists the opportunity to use beats and production crafted by none other than Timbaland himself, alongside other highly accredited producers in the industry. This makes the platform unique in its market share with competitors, and will allow those producers to retain publishing and royalty on a track, loop, or a sample that is being sold. Providing bedroom producers with the same space as A-rank producers will assist in the lesser known names to climb their way of being a seller on the platform’s main page.

Songwriters will also be able to get in on the action. This will be accomplished by the writers being able to sell demos on the platform, whether it be the beginning of a track, hook, idea or verse. The writers would have to tag and add their collaborators, and agree on the splits and terms before the work goes live on the platform.

Could this be the next big thing to hit the music industry?

Watch an Episode of Timbaland's Twitch Streamed Beat Club Below


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