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Future Of Advertising In Hip-Hop Culture

Hip-hop culture has influenced consumerism from the beginning of hip-hop music. Many mainstream artists have used clothing, alcohol, gaming, and other products to influence their fans and followers. Fans are highly influenced today by what their favorite artists wear and promote, so it is important for artists to promote brands that they feel represent authenticity and are aligned with what they create and support.

With the COVID-19 pandemic along with the rise in digital platforms and new technologies, a lot has changed for culture and how artists are succeeding in their advertising tactics. Some of the old advertising techniques are still relevant, but there are a lot of new ones to be discovered and recognized. Advertisers have quickly realized that although there is still usage of fundamental marketing trends that have been around for decades, artists are dealing with new generations of people with different expectations and desires. Advertisers have broken down these trends in advertising into different categories, each of which are explained below.

Increased Product Placement

Product placement is heavily reliant on the value-added theory, which states that collective actions occur only in certain social conditions and when factors build on one another so that it can directly result in a positive collective action. Companies that make the right placement ads and partnerships add value to their business. In the past, companies would typically “influence” an artist to give their product a shout-out in their song or music video. Influencers would wear and promote certain products for their fans to see and hopefully purchase. The influencer marketing peaked quickly and did not stay as popular for a long time.

More Engaged Content Creation

Most marketing experts believe that multiple impressions are necessary for a consumer to be able to accurately identify a brand’s attributes and successions. Today’s consumers have almost an unlimited amount of opportunities to pass through advertising and marketing put on by artists and their teams. The best way to ensure audience awareness is to engage with an audience that is already engaged.

Gaming the System

There is another strategy that has proven useful for upcoming artists who are trying to reach new audiences with their content. One way artists are getting creative with their marketing and advertising is by integrating their songs into popular video games. Travis Scott did this with his 50-song soundtrack that was specifically curated for NBA 2K19. The soundtrack included songs by Mike Jones, Lil Flip, Lil Uzi Vert, Migos, and more. It is likely that in the future, video game franchises will keep bringing on new artists for mutually beneficial partnerships, and this will continue to be a good way for hip-hop artists to promote their music.

Exploring the Metaverse

Artists are also using virtual concerts and events to promote their music to their fans. With so many consumers available and constantly online, exploring this option is a great idea if you are looking to promote your music and gain new fans. Lil Nas X hosted a “live” virtual concert on Roblox, a kid-friendly online game platform, and ultimately led to a lot of success. Fortnite hosted similar virtual concerts with artists like Marshmello and Travis Scott. The Metaverse is a prime space for virtual billboards, targeted advertising opportunities, and interactive user experiences. Artists are able to develop strategic relationships and find new ways to involve their target audience.

A Multiverse of Future Possibilities

The Metaverse seems to be the future for advertising and reaching new audiences. The distant future remains unclear with the evolving industry and technologies. The music landscape is ever-changing, and it is important as an artist, a manager, a&r, producer, or anybody in the industry to keep up with new trends in marketing and music. Artists will continue to be influential to their fans, so it is necessary that these artists are finding unique and creative ways to appeal to their fans and find avenues that work for them and for their audiences.


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