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Miami Music Management Partners Up With Start-up Fanbasis

Fanbasis is a platform made to connect creatives across the entertainment industry directly to their fans by offering customized experiences to consumers. Miami Music Management is set to team with FanBasis on a bevy of unique offerings while strategically partnering up additional future opportunities as Miami Music Management becomes the first producer-focused management company to join the platform. For the first time ever, independent producers, artists, and anyone looking to learn about the music industry can have personalized sessions with MMM executives that have helped put together its prodigious roster that includes a rapidly growing number of RIAA Gold certifications.

Miami Music Management offers services to connect with its executives, A&R/managers, marketing team, and legal department to dive deeper into the music business,or get personalized feedback on how you can take your own career to the next level. Available options currently include:

Using this innovative platform, anyone can register their profile, (MMM referral code: 0K8K3M) , create their own customizable storefront, and have the option to buy and sell a wide range of services.

Producers or artists looking to collaborate on music can do so, in just a few clicks by investing in themselves.

Fanbasis is also in the beta phase of integrating NFT’s on their platform, these digital assets have the potential to be a major disruptor in the entertainment industry. With the eruption of paid content on social media, Fanbasis is creating the optimal platform for fan engagement with the potential for fans to become owners of their favorite music, through NFTs.

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